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"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

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The Choral Director as Voice Teacher (formerly known as "Vocal Problems? They're All In Your Head!")
Linda uses her dynamic personality with demonstration pieces and 150 vocal fixes for proper breathing, tone placement, tongue position, vowel production, breathiness, nasality, harsh tones, intonation, etc. 4 page handout is included. Appropriate for all levels.     Take a look a Linda's new instructional video! Click Here

Was Pavarotti Really A Non-Singer?
Linda presents, in a diverse format, tried and true techniques that work for transforming the non-singer into one of your strongest members. Included are detailed handouts, exercises and sophisticated rounds that enable your new singer to join in while at the same time making the entire choir sound good. Also used is a tape of Linda working with a 12 year old boy who learns to sing for the first time...heart warming!! 4 page handout is included.

Creative Programming.
Can be used as a reading session.

Once you see Linda's creativity and enthusiasm you will understand why this is not just ordinary B flat pieces, but music to: break you out of your mold; avoid burnout; be creative; encourage you to take a risk; have fun; or just experience the unusual.

From Classroom To Concert.
A reading session based on Linda's experience, providing practical tips for working in the classroom and creative tips for excellence in concert use.

Teaching Musical Sensitivity Through Literature.
Demonstration Pieces

Linda uses her dynamic energy to focus on going beyond the black and white. By using musical examples, she works through dynamic palate, the beauty of tone and phrasing, energy with consonants, the feeling of joy sadness and conveying those feelings across the foot lights.

Attitudes Are Contagious. Are Yours Worth Catching?
Motivational/Inspirational ideas to be used the last one-half to one hour of the day

Linda brings her contagious, positive attitude and her wealth of knowledge and experience in using many inspirational 'bytes' which a teacher can tap into when motivation is needed for students or self.

There's a Song In Every Heart.
Linda's experience with over 300 published works allow her to take the teachers through the creative process, first using existing text and adding music, then creating original music and adding text. Useful for classroom or personal use.

There's A Little Puccini In Every Student.
Only Linda Spevacek's exciting insight into music could compare opera to a football game in order to make opera more fun, accessible and understandable. She leads the group in composing an impromptu opera complete with plat, recitative, and aria. Also, a short scene from 'The Telephone' opera by Menotti will be read by the participants. An 8 page handout is included.

Editing Accompaniments.
Combine this into a reading session for use as an extra handout.

Linda has over 17 years using these tricks as an accompanist, composer, arranger and piano teacher. This session teaches tried and true tricks for accompanying or arranging that have been used successfully for many years.

Creative Worship (Sacred)
Linda brings her special form of enthusiasm and creativity, plus a wealth of ideas and literature for using sign language, speech chorus, instruments, foreign language, dance, movement, ecumenical involvement, and combining adult and children's choirs. Each attendee will come away with valuable everyday tips to make their choirs better, more dynamic and exciting.

He Who Laughs .... Lasts!
Linda Spevacek's enthusiasm sets a different pace for this session based on humor in music. Demonstration pieces designed to bring laughter and break tension for the student, teacher and audience.

The cost for the sessions are $500 per day plus expenses. Please contact Linda for a copy of her appearance contract.

Take a look a Linda's new instructional video! Click Here