Studio News for February, 2010

Classical NATS results

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

Hello, Everyone!
It has been a whirlwind of a few days! Whew! Finally all was coordinated for the competing students to meet with Darin Shryock, our accompanist, director at Marcos De Niza HS. (Teachers are not allowed to accompany their own students.) We thank him so much for doing this for us this year!

This is a VERY tough competition!! Everyone had a learning experience and I am extremely proud of ALL who entered and I know you did your best!!
The comments from the judges (other NATS teachers) are invaluable for the next level of your learning!

***Ivana Martinic 3rd Place Winner in 0OW (older) *Ages 17-18 (high school only..out of 90 girls statewide…the most competitive division.)

***Emilie Doering Honorable Mention in 00W (both Em and Ivana placed after a SECOND round of finals on Saturday- 90 girls- as the division is so large. Their first scores on Friday were very high also.).

***Noah Brown Honorable Mention in 00M (older) Ages 17-18 Men’s.


***Lies’l Hill… 1st Place Winner in 2W (not more than 2 years of study beyond high school, through 21 years old). Lies’l is on a scholarship at NAU and is a double major in Vocal Performance and Choral Music Education.

***Lies’l Hill…..Most Promising Singer (Voted by the NATS voice teachers on a ballot turned in after the Awards Recital. Each winner performed one piece.)

***Carter Tholl…Honorable Mention in 3W. (Not more than 3 years of study beyond HS, through 22 years old.) Carter is a junior in Vocal Performance at ASU and is giving her recital soon. Stay tuned for the date! :
Congrats to all!!!! Linda